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[O] LockScreen Informer 1.0

‘LockScreen Informer’ is a brand new way to display information you require right on your LockScreen.

There are five main sections displayed on the LockScreen. * Time & Date, * Weather, * RSS, Twitter or Battery Information, * Missed Calls, * Unread Messages.

Section One - Time & Date. The time is shown along with the date. A 'Good Morning', 'Good Afternoon' or 'Good Evening' message is shown based on the time of day.

Section Two - Weather. The weather information shown uses the stock Weather application so is always up to date. If you use your location as the first page within the, your location is also updated. For those not wanting to use their real location, you can use the standard WOEID if required.

Section Three - RSS, Twitter or Battery Information. You can display either the latest post from your favourite RSS Feed, the latest Tweet from any Twitter account or if you don't have internet connection, you have the option to display your current battery status.

Section Three - Missed Calls. This section displays the number of missed calls you have from the default Phone App, Bria VoIP App and the Skype App (if you don't have the app installed, not a problem it will simply ignore it). This can either display the number or word, eg: 1,2,3 or One, Two, Three.Section Four - Unread Messages. This section displays the number of missed calls you have from the default Message App, Whats App, SnapChat App, FaceBook Messenger App, Twitter App and the Tweetbot3 App (if you don't have the app installed, not a problem it will simply ignore it). This can either display the number or word, eg: 1,2,3 or One, Two, Three.

Section Five - Slide To Unlock. You can either leave the default 'Slide To Unlock' text, customise it with a tweak such as Sprintomize3 or utalize 'JellyLock' The default launcher loads within the space, custom launches may require a small move change (don't within the JellyLock settings).

The whole LockScreen is provided in the following languages: * English * Dutch * Finish * French * German * Italian * Norwegian * Spanish * Rude.

The font and icons can be any color you chose in addition to the background fade. You also have the option to hide or display your wallpaper.

As soon as you unlock your device, the LockScreen fades up to hide your wallpaper and fades back to either a solid background or your wallpaper (wallpaper is set via the default wallpaper settings).


LockScreen Informer is a brand new way to display information.

- Initial Release



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