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Typophone 4 v2.6.6-7

2.6.6-7 - June 6, 2012 - symlink error AGAIN 2.6.6-6 - June 2, 2012 - Hopefully fixed symbolic link issue (yet again) Download

Tweetings for Twitter Version 5.3.4 Updated

Tweetings for Twitter Version 5.3.4 Updated  Tweetings is a Twitter client for the iPhone with an extensive feature list including lists, push, geolocation and syncs your timeline with your Mac or iPad! Follow your friends tweets, share your photos & videos, view conversations, who's nearby and find out what's trending at the moment. - Inline photo viewing & view your timeline in photos - Instant push notifications for direct messages, @ mentions, when you are retweeted or favorited with highly customisable options - Mute users, hashtags and more - When on a WiFi connection you can set your tweets and DMs to show up instantly without you needing to refresh! - Full support for iOS 4 and iOS 5, multitasking and the iPhone 4 Retina Display. - Timeline sync to keep your location and read tweets in sync across multiple devices and platforms. Even supports Tweet Marker service - Roll your own custom color themes and share them with other

eBuddy Pro Messenger Version 5.0.2

eBuddy Pro Messenger Version 5.0.2 Description eBuddy Pro: The best chat experience for AIM, MSN / Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo, Facebook Chat, GTalk, MySpace, Hyves and ICQ – all in one buddy list! eBuddy for iPhone and iPod Touch is one of the most popular IM apps in the world, with more than 5 million downloads. THEMES Personalize your chat experience with colorful high quality themes. PUSH NOTIFICATIONS NOW UP TO 7 DAYS Stay online and get Push Notifications for incoming messages even when you exit the app. SET YOUR DISPLAY PICTURE Easily change your display picture at anytime, either from your camera or library. SEND PICTURES Share all the latest pictures and images with your buddies during a chat. CHAT FEATURES - Landscape mode – type with a horizontal keyboard - Easily switch between chats by swiping your screen - Shake your iPhone or iPod Touch to send a buzzer - Get new message alerts and typing alerts in the chat screen - Get one buddy list for AI

CS Portable - Counter Strike v1.97c

CS Portable - Counter Strike Critical Strike Portable - game engine Unity3D. The game is not a port - a new game, which the developer is friuns. Compared to other cross-platform online shooters, Critical Strike Portable has several advantages, such as the proximity of the project team to the users, the ability to create their own maps, which are limited only by your imagination, the presence of game mods, such as: Matrix Mod, Zombie Mod , the ability to administer a server, and much more. Critical Strike Portable - a mixture of old and new and exclusive. The project team wishes you a pleasant game. System Requirements: iPhone3G+, iPad Changelog: Version 1.91 - Fixed freezed zombies - Can play downloaded maps offline - Android scoreboard - Can change screen resolution for android Download Download Maps Pack


Street Fighter IV  Volt v1.04.00 Requirements:   Compatible  with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires  iOS  4.2 or later Overview:   Street Fighter IV : Volt for iPhone is played in  the classic  Street Fighter 2D perspective with additional 3D camera flourishes. A unique four-button control system has been created, with a host of new special moves and features integrated into the gameplay system. ◇New Feature “ Battle  Network” is Added: Team up with your friends and entry the Tournaments on  Battle  Network. Once you signed up in a team, you can enjoy team vs. team  battle  and in-team ranking! You can now share the replay data, plus you can view the character’s winning  percentage  against each character! *Please note that when you do update, replay data from the original version will be deleted. ◇Wi-Fi Match is Available As many users  expected , Wi-Fi match is finally available! Even if you are playing on your own, someone from far distance can break in!! ◇New Char

Status Tweak 1.1

Description: Make your  status bar  more useful. StatusTweak lets you customize your  status bar   like never before . Align  status bar  items however you want into any order, cram them together or space them apart, disable that frustrating icon limit, and even enable a hidden animation feature in your  status bar  to bring it to life. StatusTweak also includes some modifications for specific status bar  items, such as disabling "AM/PM" in the time, and replacing your carrier name with the current date. Take a look at the  Screenshots  for more info on what StatusTweak has to offer. StatusTweak has been tested on  iOS  4.0 through 5.0+ Version: 1.1  - February 23, 2012 •  iOS  5 compatibility • Support for new AirPlay icon Download

Action Movie FX v1.2 + FULL DLC **UPDATED 12-JUNE**

Action Movie FX By Bad Robot Interactive Description ACTION MOVIE FX lets you add Hollywood FX using your iPhone's video camera! YOU direct the ACTION! And FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME – 2 Movie FX packs!! Here's how it works: Select a Scene like "MISSILE ATTACK," film a target and ACTION MOVIE FX adds an INCOMING MISSILE AND ITS EXPLOSION right into your movie! FEATURES: • 2 FREE Big-Budget FX! MISSILE ATTACK & CAR SMASH! • Sound Design By Skywalker Sound! • Fast, Automated Video Tracking! • Music, Sound FX and Lens Flares! • Post to Facebook or Email to friends! USES: Look like an action star as you evade a massive CAR CRASH! Direct a MISSILE ATTACK at that broken office printer! **Post your videos to Facebook & show the world what you got!** GET CREATIVE! Shoot your movies at ANY SCALE – from toys to life-size!  ADDITIONAL FX FOR PURCHASE: •CHOPPER DOWN & TORNADO ACTION BUNDLE Unleash a TORNADO in a

[Gameloft] Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation v1.3.0 + HACK

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation By Gameloft  Description When war hits home, abandon all fear. **PocketGamer: “A stellar combination of graphics, entertaining action, and robust multiplayer.” The best, most realistic smartphone FPS series returns with even higher intensity and an apocalyptic battle for the freedom of the United States, for one or more players. BE THE HERO OF AN EXPLOSIVE SOLO CAMPAIGN  • Fight through a 13-mission campaign from Los Angeles to Pakistan. • Witness multiple memorable moments thanks to AAA scenario-scripting.  • Experience different types of gameplay: escort, destroy, helicopter, 4x4 chase… LIVE THE MOST IMMERSIVE REAL WAR EXPERIENCE • The deepest and most intuitive FPS gameplay on smartphones improved once again, now with a sprint and slide feature.  • Gaze-upon next-gen GFX that allow for an unprecedented rendering of environments.  • Improved SFX and voice acting will immerse you in an apocalyptic scenario.

[O] Zephyr v1.3.2-1

INFO: Zephyr is awesome multitasking swipes for your device. Smoothly swipe up to see your multitasking switcher. Switch apps simply by swiping left or right from the edge. The best way to really multitask. Zephyr fully supports iOS 5 See below for screenshots and videos. CHANGES: v1.3.2-1 -Add switcher gesture bounce Download

Lockwee 1.0

Requires iOS 5 or higher Always wanted to get more of your lock screen? Well now it's possible!!! With lock wee you can put widgets on your lock screen in an elegant way ! If you need them just drag the time view aside and there you get you first widget .. do it again and you get the second one ! Al of them are fully interactive ! If this tweak has dragging inside (like sbsettings ) just drag from this middle area to interact with the widget or drag from the side to move to the next widget ! Also if you enable double tap to lock from settings app once you double tap on the sides the scrolling view will be locked and you won't be able to switch to the next widget! (double tap again to unlock ) More features : - set the screen to undimm by timer -> screen won't dim while doing something -add shadow to widgets -add border to widgets Compatibility : Not compatible with intelliscreenX !!! Enjoy it ! Thanks to Arik for everything ! Configure options f

Where's My Perry? By Disney v1.0.2

Where's My Perry? By Disney Description WHERE’S MY PERRY IS THE LATEST PUZZLER FROM THE MAKERS OF WHERE’S MY WATER AND DISNEY! Where’s My Perry is a challenging physics-based puzzler where you need to use water in all its different forms, ice, steam and liquid, to solve the puzzle. Overflowing with intuitive controls, vibrant spy-themed graphics, and best of all, lasers, you will be immersed in the world of Agent P! MORE THAN 80 PUZZLES ACROSS 4 CHAPTERS, WITH FREE UPDATES! AGENT P’S STORY Perry from Phineas and Ferb is no ordinary platypus, he’s actually a semi-aquatic sleuth known as Agent P! And, you know, he SAVES THE WORLD! When summoned to headquarters by Major Monogram our fedora-rockin spy becomes stuck in his transportation tubes. Help Agent P get to headquarters for mission briefing by guiding water or steam to the generators powering the tubes. AMAZING STATES OF PLAY Water comes in many forms and you’re going to experience them all. Cut dir

BrowserChooser v0.1


CrossOver 11.0.3

CrossOver allows you to install many popular Windows applications and PC games on your Mac. Your applications and games integrate seamlessly in OS X; just click and run. No rebooting, no switching to a virtual machine, and no Windows Operating System license required. CrossOver is capable of running a wide range of Windows software and games. To see if your favorite application works with CrossOver, please check What Runs: Compatibility - CodeWeavers Version 11.0.3: Application Enhancements: Fixed a bug whereby Microsoft Office 2010, Service Pack 1 refused to install. It should now install cleanly (an update of CrossTie files from the web-site may be necessary). Fixed a bug where Quicken 2012 would hang adding a new online account or updating a bank account. Fixed a bug where PowerPoint 2010 would refuse to play slideshows. Slideshows will now work in PowerPoint 2010. CrossOver Enhancements: Fixes for (we hope!) the last outstanding problems with CrossOver registration /

Where's My Water? Version: 1.7.0 **UPDATED 28-JUNE** [FULL DLC]

Where's My Water? By Disney Description MEET SWAMPY IN THE HIT DISNEY APP THAT EVERYONE IS PLAYING! Swampy the Alligator lives under the city and yearns for a more human-like existence. He is especially fond of cleanliness. Cranky and the other gators do not take kindly to Swampy’s eccentricities and have conspired to sabotage Swampy’s water supply. Help Swampy by guiding water to his shower to fill up his tub! The critics love Swampy too! “Editor’s Choice Award” — IGN “Game of the Month” — SLIDE TO PLAY “One of the best in the App Store...” — APPLE ‘N’ APPS “One of those rare gems that manages to get everything right.” — GAMEZEBO “This is the perfect game to play on the go.” — KIDZWORLD “Your family will be fighting over who gets to play it next.” — APPADVICE Where’s My Water? is a challenging physics-based puzzler complete with Retina display graphics, Multi-Touch controls, and a sensational soundtrack. To be successful, you need to be clever and keep an ey

Google Drive Now Available on iOS Platform

One of recent announcements from Google’s I/O 2012 event is the official Drive app for iOS. Available for free as a universal download for the iPhone and iPad, the Google Drive app gives you access to all of your documents and folders stored in your Google account as well as content that someone else has shared with you. Users can star documents to make them easier to find and even make them available offline through the details panel of an item view. Google even went as far as complying with Apple’s terms for in-app purchases, allowing users to purchase additional storage using their iTunes account from within the Google Drive app.  Itunes Link One thing to note here is that the Google Drive app doesn’t come with full editing capabilities. Instead, Google is marketing the app as a way to “quickly and easily” find and view your files, pictures, and videos stored on Google’s servers. Files can be shared with collaborators from the app and obviously synced to desktop devices but