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CSR Classics v1.9.0 +2

CSR Classics v1.9.0 +2 This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1136x640. Hacked Game: CSR Classics iTunes Link:  CSR Classics on the App Store on iTunes Bundle ID: com.naturalmotion.csrclassics Version: v1.9.0 Requirements: - Jailbroken iDevice - iFile / Filza - Cydia Substrate Features - Unlimited Cash - Unlimited Gold Download: MEGA Instructions Step 1: Download the deb from the link above. Step 2: Open the file in iFile/Filza Step 3: Once you tap on the file, you will then need to press on "Installer" or 'Install' from the options for the file. Step 4: Let iFile / Filza finish the installation. Step 5: Once the installation is finished, Go to Settings, CSR Classics Cheats, and turn on all the features you want! Step 6: Launch the Game, and Enjoy! Credits: RickHaks

[O] iCaughtU Pro (iOS 8) 8.4-3

Compatible with iOS 8 Also available,  iCaughtU Pro (iOS 7,6,5,4) . iCaughtU Pro is an enhanced version of iCaughtU. This tweak allows to take a picture with the front camera (if available) when the lock password is entered wrong and sends it to the user with more information like Location and a map. iCaughtU Pro has also the option to perform remote actions using iMessage or SMS. More than 15 different commands! Features: Compatible with AndroidLock XT. Send email using my server or your own email (recommended GMail and Hotmail) Take Picture with Front Camera when password thief enters wrong passcode or tries to turn off device and send it by email. Save pictures to Photo Library (useful with PhotoStream). Set a number of max attempts before taking picture. Send can also send location and time when sending the email. Send SMS reporting that the passcode was entered wrong. Show different Alert messages when passcode is entered wrong or tried to be turned off. Remote Commands:

[O] Pasithea 1.1.9-1

Compatible with all iOS devices running iOS 7 and 8 Pasithea is a tweak that lets you manage the iOS clipboard history. ———————————————— Developed by ichitaso & Hiraku ———————————————— Configure Pasithea's settings from the Settings app. Pasithea has two methods of usage. The first is Pasithea Keyboard. By default, Pasithea Keyboard replaces the Tibetan keyboard and automatically adds tself to the activated keyboards list. Pasithea Keyboard can be used to quickly insert past pasteboard history just by switching to it via the iOS "globe" button. Please note that if you need to use the Tibetan keyboard, you may choose to instead replace the Tamil keyboard - you may do this from Pasithea's settings. If you do not wish to Pasithea Keyboard at all, you may completely turn its functionality off in Pasithea's settings. The other method of usage is Pasithea's Flipswitch listener - suitable for use in either Control Center (via FlipControlCenter or similar tweak)

[O] CyDown v5.9.6 *07-28-15

Description: CyDown is a Download Manager for Cydia. Install Paid packages for Free Multiple connections downloads Blocker ADs Tap & hold any package to start download has background Cache your packages with MD5Sum verification Downgrade any package cached by CyDown Compatible with iOS 6.x.x - 8.x.x Configure options from Settings app. Screenshots: Download:  CyDown v5.9.6 Depends:  Core Utilities ,  Link Identity Editor Changelog: v5.9.6 - Waiting..... v5.9.3 - Detect correct package details in StateCache by currently CandidateVersionIterator (used if downgrading package) v5.9.2 - Fixes issues with being able to run on Cydia Installer v1.1.23 For instant update add official repo Code: How Cydown Works: SiNfuL iPhone - View Single Post - [O] CyDown v4.6.5-1 *02-11-15 SiNfuL iPhone - View Single Post - [O] CyDown v4.6.5-1 *02-11-15 Thanks to  osf  for the detailed explanation about Cydown. And also to  Mr.x  for helping this thread updated. Cr

[O] Protean 2.0-173

Protean Your status bar, your way. The status bar is an important aspect of iOS. You regularly take a peek at it to view things such as the time, current wifi/data connections, battery level, and the list goes on. The problem is that the status bar is lacking features, and is nowhere near customizable. Protean changes this. It provides incredible levels of customization to the status bar - from arranging and hiding items, to modifying items, to even adding new ones. Often we need to check our notifications and system status. Since the status bar is so prominent in iOS, we decided to make use of this brilliant addition and make the status bar even better. Currently, you can display applications (with a notification from a badge or Notification Center), Flipswitches, connected Bluetooth devices, and more. We've engineered Protean to be compatible with all OpenNotifier icon packs, with this and the 100+ icons bundled in, there is a near-infinite selection of icons to choose from. But

[O] OneHandWizard 1.0.4

Compatible with iPhone on iOS 8 OneHandWizard solves one the biggest issues we have all had with newer iphones, especially the 6 and 6 plus. Till now, it was impossible to use the iPhone comfortably with one hand, causing clumsiness and plenty of discomfort. OneHandWizard is here to let you now fully enjoy your iPhone in one hand mode with the following functionality: - Full one handed use by simply double tapping the home button ( triple press on iPhone 5/5c) - Resize one hand mode to fit your actual thumb reach - Left and right hand mode with simple edge drag - Volume,mute and other controls in one hand mode - Take screenshots in one hand mode - Stay in one hand mode as long as needed as opposed to Iphone’s reachability which auto forces you out of one hand mode - Endless activation methods thanks to Activator - We are the only one hand solution for the lock screen allowing you comfortable usage     In this version: - Fixes Minor Issues - Stability and Improvements Click the butt

[O] Alympus v1.0

Description: Alympus is a new home for your apps, music and toggles. App Switcher To enter Alympus, simply swipe up from the bottom of your screen to view all of your recently launched apps as 1 card, 4 cards, 9 cards or as icons. Easily transition between views with a simple pinch gesture. Music Player A swipe to the left of the App Switcher will bring you to a stunning music player where your music is at the center of attention. Double tap the album art to launch the music app directly or triple tap to switch between the two styles. Play, pause, skip, repeat and more from this beautiful full-screen music player. Toggles Screen Enter Airplane mode, toggle Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, change the screen brightness and get at your recent contacts all on one screen. Gesture Control To give you a fast and efficient way to get at your music or toggles without having to stop at the app switcher, we came up with ‘Continuous Swipe’. Swipe up from the bottom of your screen and without lifting your fin

[O] Movie Box 3 3.3.4

iOS7+ Only (iPhone & iPad) Free movies and TV-shows DOWNLOAD

[C] Tage 1.1-2

Compatible with iOS 8.4 Tage is awesome multitasking gestures and more.  Features: Close App or Activate Switcher Swipe up from the bottom edge to close app or activate App Switcher (Long swipe up to close app and quit background). Switch Apps Swipe from left and right edge to switch apps. Quick Switcher slide in from the bottom left or right corner of the screen to quickly switch apps. Lock Device Can set gestures to lock device. Switcher Page Action - Home page swipe down to show action menu (Power Off, Reboot, Safe Mode, Respring, Lock). - App page swipe down to show action menu (Quit all Apps, Quit Background Apps, Quit Other Apps). No icon is added to the homescreen. Configure options from Settings app. Changelog 1.1-2 - Support for iOS 8.3 Used version 1.1-1 cracked by JulioVerne to make this one work. Tested myself in iOS 8.4 and is working great. DOWNLOAD Note: ACTIVATE WITH "1234"

[C] AnyDrop 3 (iOS 8 & 7) v 1.1.1

Requires device with AirDrop capability. Also available, AnyDrop 2 (iOS 7) AnyDrop 3 is the all-in-one sharing utility for iOS, taking AirDrop to the next level. Browse through the root file-system and share any file with other devices using AirDrop (doesn’t require AnyDrop 3 to be installed on receiver’s device). AnyDrop 3 can be used to share any file from any app that implements “Open In” feature. AnyDrop 3 comes with extensions support. Current available extensions are YouTube extension, Music extension. YouTube extension lets you download videos using the official youtube app. Music extension lets you share DRM free songs from your Music Library by touching and holding on the song cell. AnyDrop 3 doesn’t require pairing with other devices at all. AirDrop transmission speed is up to 20mbps. "AnyDrop supercharges the concept of AirDrop, and makes it accessible for any file on the native file system." Jeff from iDownloadBlog See larger Screenshots below.. NEW: - Swipe left

Windows 10 Pro-Home-Enterprise SIGN-OFF RTM 10.0.10240 EN-WZT

Windows 10 Pro-Home-Enterprise SIGN-OFF RTM 10.0.10240 EN-WZT FiLE SiZE:   13.03 GB INFORMATION Code: MICROSOFT.WINDOWS.10.ENTERPRISE.RTM.10240.X64.VOL.ENGLISH.DVD-WZT RELEASE DATE: 15/07/09 BUILD: 10240.16384.150709-1700 FILE: 10240.16384.150709-1700.TH1_CLIENTENTERPRISE_VOL_X64FRE_EN-US.ISO SIZE: 3,939,235,840 byte SHA-1: 30AD1CDF5D0670F12788005131E24862F6AB8AAB MD5: A67722ADFAF209C72EACB3AB910EE65E CRC: C3D5B0CA NOTE: this is an original M$ image shared with the partenrs Windows 10 KMS Client Setup Keys by WZT 15|07|22 1 LiNKS | Part 1 GB | NO CRC | NO PASS Code:

[C]LinkStore iOS 8 v1.2

Once you have installed Linkstore tweak through Cydia, you can download cracked apps from the official Appstore. Linkstore is now updated and working with iOS 8 which means iOS 8 users can enjoy this tweak also. After a long wait Linkstore for iOS 8 is now updated and working on iOS 8.3 and may be on 8.4 now. Any iOS 8 users can now use this tweak whether user is using iPad, iPod or iPhone. Linkstore is a great alternative of Vshare, Installous, AppCake or many others. Linkstore for iOS 8 is the best IPA installer, allow its users to install the cracked apps which are particularly paid and allow users to install the app directly from the iOS stock Appstore, no need of other store. Check out this ScreenShot for further idea about this Tweak:- LinkStore Updated For iOS 8 [Working 100%]Once you have installed the Linkstore tweak from cydia , a button will be placed under the Paid Application. As some uers complained that this tweak do not work because they thought that this tweak will

[O] CirDock 1.0.1

Compatible with iOS 7 & iOS 8 This tweak provides an all-new perspective on how the dock can look like and increases its functionality. The boring iOS dock is replaced with a rotatable carousel dock which is customisable in different ways allowing for multiple configurations and multiple 'looks and feels' for different users. Features: 1. The ability to enable selected apps from within the settings pane 2. Selecting some of the enabled apps as favourite apps so that a smaller number of apps are visible which makes spotting that favourite app easier 3. Displaying all applications that have badges on them. This has one of two modes: - a. Only displaying the enabled applications that have badges on them - b. Displaying ALL the applications installed that have badges on them 4. Highlighting all running applications (either foremost or backgrounded) so that it is easy to spot running apps and terminate them using the app switcher if a running app shouldn't be (note: message

[O] BackupAZ 1.8.2

IMPORTANT FOR IOS 8 USERS: The app is compatible with iOS 8 but because Saurik has not fully updated Cydia to allow purchase in iOS8, you have to do the following things: Go to /System/Library/Coreservices/ and edit SystemVersion.plist and change the iOS version to 7.1.2. Save the changes, go to Cydia and purchase BackupAZ. IMPORTANT: Do not install it yet neither do a respring or reboot while the iOS version is altered, just purchase it ! Go back to SystemVersion.plist and change it back to what it was originally and save changes. Afterwards install it in Cydia and enjoy Support Ios 6 up to iOS 8 ! Why Use iTunes to backup your device when you have BackupAZ in your pocket ? This application can Backup all these data (at the moment): - Your Cydia sources - Your installed Cydia Packages - Your Tweaks' settings and also your stock applications settings - Your account(s) - Your Contact list - Your Calendar event(s) - Your Notes - Your Safari Bookmark(s) - Your SMS and also their atta