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[Flex Hack]WhatsCall - International Call & Call Recorder by KS Mobile, Inc

Download the app here: Set the first string to 999999999 Set the last 2 strings to 999999000 Enjoys!

[O] Slices 0.2.1-1

Have multiple Instagram or Snapchat accounts? Are you sharing a device with others? Don't want to overwrite your high scores on a game? If so, Slices is perfect for you. Slices allows you to create many different setting and data bundles for any user application. The process is as simple as tapping and naming a slice. These slices can easily be switched between, and all data is completely separate each slice. For example, if you don't want your high score on a game to be overwritten with someone else's score using your device, you can quickly create them a slice for that game and the scores will be specific to that slice. Another example is if you have many accounts on a social network. Usually, you would sign in and out to change accounts. With slices, you can reduce it to 2 taps to change to any one of your accounts (no login needed). Specific slices can also be easily renamed, deleted, and created in the Settings application. Preferences such as whether or not to as

[HACK]Skylanders Lost Islands™ (All Versions)

[HACK]Skylanders Lost Islands™ (All Versions) NO JAILBREAK REQUIRED FEATURES: -UNLIMITED GEMS, GOLD, ENERGY -MAX LEVEL CLICK  HERE  TO DOWNLOAD Don't forget   button Instructions: Close the game from Multitasking. Extract the downloaded files. Go to User Applications/Lost Islands using iTools/iFunBox/DiskAid Move the extracted files. Run the game. Enjoy!