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[Cracked] WaEnhancer 1.0-6

Support iOS6 & iOS7.x and above Support iPhone, iPod & iPad Support WhatsApp latest versions /*** Arabic Description at bottom *** ------------------------------------------ this tweak is the most useful tweak for whatsapp which give you the ability to use the most popular message app as you like. Features: --Long Media let you send more than 16mb of media till 2Gb. --Long Status let you create status more than 139chrs till 2500chrs --Long Subjects let you write more than 25chrs for broadcast and group subjects till 300chrs --Unlimited Photos let you send photos without 10ph restrictions --Last Seen let you turn on/off last seen without 24H restrictions --Share Style let you change sharing style to modern style (check screenshot) --Media Options let you sharing your received music to another apps like ( Bridge, etc ) to save theme in music library or forward them out side whatsapp. --Fully Profile Pic let you add full profile picture without cropping it. --Fonts Size let you

[Original] Dock&Roll 0.6-1

Introducing BarrelDock BarrelDock inspired by the popular tweak Barrel brings a whole new experience to your dock like NEVER before! This tweak gives you 10 different animations to choose from with other settings to also fine tune the way you like. The intuative dock allowsyou to have more as many icons as you want with the certain animation to give its users the excact feel the rest of your device has and at iDeviceDesigns we feel it should of came stock this way! Upon installation you will now have a dock that you can either leave your four icons and choose a animation or add as many desired icons in as you would like. Other settings including icon spacing, icon perspective, scrolling speed, paging, continuous scrolling and more. BarrelDock has also been teted with a few other known dock tweaks such as classic dock and springtomize and seems to be working seemlessly. Other Tweaks such as Five Icon Dock, InfiniDock ect are suggested to be removed while using this tweak. Below attach

[Cracked] iDynamic 1.1-1

Requires iOS 7 iDynamic, browse and download new customised dynamic wallpapers for iOS7. It include: (1) 12 new groups of customised dynamic wallpapers; (2) 2 group of original dynamic wallpapers; It works on iPhone 4S and above. Any question, please feel free to contact us by: Screenshots:   browse and download dynamic wallpapers Changelog: v1.1-1 New interactive dynamic wallpaper for iOS 7: (1) Live London Ben Clock Make the London ben clock live as your dynamic wallpaper of lock screen and home screen, the sound also is available just by shaking your device. (2) Live Disney Castle Firework Live Disney Castle Firework builds a fairy-tale world to invite you to stay, which would be a colorful kingdom in many people's childhood dream. (3) Modern Urban Firework Live firework with the background of famous modern cities, including Paris, London, San Francisco, HongKong and Lyon, France. (4) Fire Signs The super cool signs with live fire in it, such as Superman

[Cracked] AnyDrop 1.0

Compatible with iOS 7 (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch). Requires AirDrop capability. AirDrop File & Media Sharing for iOS devices with speed up to 20MB/s. Features: Zero configuration. Native AirDrop capability without any extra pairing requirements. High speed transmission, up to 20MB/s. Send Photos/Videos/Music from native iOS library. File browser, browse the file-system to send any file from your iOS device. Send files from applications that support “ Open in “ feature. Import received media to Photos / Videos library. Import any received file and save it to your iOS device. Screenshots:   AirDrop file sharing. Changelog: v1.0 - Initial Release Version Cracked! Download: Original:

[Cracked] Copic 3.3

Compatible with iOS 4, 5, 6 and 7 Copic (short form of Contact Picture) shows contact pictures every where in your iPhone/iPad/iPod standard apps (Phone, SMS, FaceTime and Contacts). Also it shows contact pictures for favorites and recent call list in iPhone's standard mobile phone app and iPod/iPad 2's FaceTime app. This all in one contact picture app support all iDevices including iPad and iPod. Note: This installs no icon on springboard. Copic related settings can be managed through standard settings. Please see the screenshots below for more information. Screenshots:   picture shown everywhere contacts are seen Changelog: v3.3 Whats New in 3.3? 1. Support for iOS 7 and iPhone 5S. 2. Complete new design on Settings. 3. Supports latest WhatsApp 2.11.8. Note: If Copic is not working as expected with WhatsApp, turn off and on Copic's WhatsApp settings and respring your iDevice. Version Cracked! Download: Download

[O] BetterLS 1.3.0-1

[O] BetterLS 1.3.0-1 Requires iOS 7 Adds options and features to improve the experience and functionality of the lockscreen! Feature List --------------- Hide Album Art Hide Music Controls Reposition Music Controls Change Status Bar Style Change Slide To Unlock Text Style Improve Grabbers Hide Chevron Hide Grabbers Hide Camera Grabber (Keep Functionality) Show Time In Status Bar Hide Date & Time Clock Hide Slide To Unlock Text With 50+ Planned Features Currently In The Works! Configure options from Settings app. options to customize iOS 7 lockscreen Changelog: v1.3.0-1 Various essential bug fixes Download:

[O] HideMe7 1.1-1

Requires iOS7 HideMe7 Lite is a one-stop-shop for hiding UI elements without the need to have half a dozen different tweaks installed. HideMe7 comes with a new preference panel which makes it easy to quickly disable/re-enable many different UI elements which you may or may not find annoying.  Feature requests welcome. Included features of HideMe7 include: Lockscreen -Hide Camera Grabber -Hide Control Center Grabber -Hide Date -Hide Notification Center -Hide NC Grabber -Hide Percent Charged Text -Hide Emergency Call Button -Hide Chevron -Hide Chevron & Slide To Unlock -Custom Slide To Unlock Text Springboard -Hide App Switcher App Icon -Hide Icon Badges -Hide Icon Labels -Hide Icon Labels Except Folders -Hide Newsstand -Hide Folder Icon Background -Hide Open Folder Background -Enable Fullscreen Folders -Hide Dock Background -Disable Location Improved with Wifi Popup -Disable Icon Jitter -Hide Page Dots -Hide Screenshot Flash -Disable Power Down -Enable Sticky Banners -Hide Third Pa

[O] Spin 0.2-9

Requires iOS 7 Bring some style your lockscreen with this amazing new tweak. Spin aims to be a complete replacement for the standards, bringing simplicity and beauty like never before. To get started, just play some music and lock your device! Configure options from Settings. Screenshots:   complete retake on lockscreen media controls Changelog: v0.2-9 -fixes lockscreen touch issues (Cydget no longer needed) -spin should hide when notifications come in -switched blurring method -fixed issue causing black background -fixed now playing app not opening -further performance enhancements Download:

[O] Dated 1.0-1

Configurable message timestamps. Ever wished Messages' timestamps said a bit more? Can't remember the date at the end of a long conversations? Want to get rid of the parts you don't care about? Dated allows you to have full control over Apple's own timestamp generation engine, with localization and styling gruntwork done for you. You'll never be more satisfied with your timestamps again. Should play nice with all iOS 7 devices. Please shoot me an email if you'd like support on older devices. If you want more component options, or more configurability with Dated (like font size, color, formatting), please also send me your feedback from Cydia. Screenshots:   Configurable message timestamps. Changelog: v1.0-1 - Initial Release Download:

[O] GroupRinger 1.7.1

Compatible with iOS 4, 5, 6 and 7 Requires iPhone GroupRinger allows you to assign tones(ring or text and custom) to a group of your contacts. You can also easily manage your groups and members. Create, delete and rename groups, assign members to them. Fully supports iOS5 new features, like custom texttones and having one of your texttones as a ringtone or vice-versa. This app won't see Exchange groups nor contacts(GoogleSync included), only the ones synced with iTunes or iCloud Screenshots:   manage contact groups, set ringtones & textones Changelog: v1.7.1 Show the company in the contacts list Download:

[O] Bio 1.2.2-1

Requires iOS 7 Bio adds a virtual fingerprint scanner for your iPhone4/5/5c/5s or iPad on your lockscreen. A simple hold on the “Fingerprint Scanner”, while a scan animation occurs, will unlock your device. To make Bio even more realistic, you can add customizable secret step(s) before the scan to prevent others from unlocking. Bio is so convincing, that everyone I have shown this to, truly believes I have a fingerprint reader on my screen. For a personalized touch, the scanner itself can be changed to any image from your photo library. Bio is iOS7+ compatible and works with or without a passcode on your device. If you cannot purchase this tweak, follow me on twitter or email me instead of stealing. See video below for more details and customizable options for Bio. Screenshots:   virtual fingerprint scanner unlocker Changelog: v1.2.2-1 -New Scanner Shapes (including Circular) -Added option to allow sliding to unlock Download:

[O] PowerDown Pro 1.0.0-41

Requires iOS 7 Not yet compatible with iPad PowerDown Pro adds multiple options to the power down slider. In addition to the standard shut down, PowerDown Pro gives you the ability swipe to access reboot, respring, or enter safe mode. With its clean and simple design, it won't clutter up the power down screen with extra sliders. The order of power options are customizable to your preference. Screenshots:   Adds options to power-down slider. Changelog: v1.0.0-41 Waiting.. - Initial Release Download:

[O] ProWidgets 1.0.1

[O] ProWidgets 1.0.1 Compatible with both iPhone and iPad on iOS 7. ProWidgets is a revolutionary widget suite and framework for iOS. It brings a groundbreaking and convenient way to perform quick tasks anywhere with multi-tasking capability on both iPhone and iPad. Whenever you want to do something without being disturbed by switching back and forth between apps, just activate a widget right away. Close or minimize it after use. Just that simple, yet it makes your life easier and more productive! Built-in Widgets ProWidgets is built with several handy and native-like widgets, including the following: - Calendar: Quick add a new event, and view upcoming events - Notes: Quick jot down a note, and manage saved notes - Reminders: Quick add a reminder, and manage previous reminders - Messages: Quick compose a new message (SMS and iMessage) - Mail: Quick compose an email - Browser: Open web links in app, and add bookmarks to Safari and Chrome* from any app - Dictionary: Look up the de

[O] Volume Mixer 1.1.0-20

Compatible with iOS 6 and 7 Volume Mixer Notification Center widget allows you to control the volume of each media channel & output separately, instead of being able to change it only when that channel is active (Ringer, Audio/Video for music, video and games, Phone Call, Bluetooth headset & headphones). You can display all of the controls in the NC at the same time, or choose to hide the ones you are not using. Several skins are included, in addition to stock iOS look (which you can fully customize by changing colors of the text, sliders and thumb grabbers). You can configure it in Settings/Volume Mixer, and add to the Notification Center in Settings/Notifications. Supported on all iOS 6 and 7 devices. Screenshots:   Volume controls in Notification Center Changelog: v1.1.0-20 - Initial Release Download:

[HACK] Angry Birds Epic v1.0.0 +3 [NO-JB]

[HACK] Angry Birds Epic v1.0.0 +3 [NO-JB] Requirements: iFile/iFunbox/iTools Works for JB and NON-JB Features: Unlimited Coins Unlimited Snoutlings Unlimited Essence of Friendship Instructions: Download the file below Click the   button below Extract the downloaded files Go to User Applications/Epic/Library/Preferences/ and paste the file there Open the game and enjoy!

Angry Birds Epic v1.0.0

Angry Birds Epic Description PLEASE NOTE: iPod Touch 4th generation devices are currently not supported. Get ready for a bird-tastic FREE RPG adventure filled with “weapons” (whatever they could get ahold of), magic, bad guys and silly hats! Lead your feathery team into battle now – it’s going to be EPIC! EPIC BATTLES! Turn-based battles between our heroic flock of warriors and those green snout-nosed scoundrels! It’s easy to play, but difficult to master! EPIC WORLDS! Explore a fantasy Piggy Island with everything from tribal villages and frosty mountains to tropical beaches and mysterious caves! EPIC CHARACTERS! Join Red, Chuck, Bomb and the other heroes as they face King Pig, Wiz Pig, Prince Porky and many more villains! EPIC UPGRADES! Level up your characters, armor, weapons and potions to become a legendary hero ready to take on the mightiest pig warrior! EPIC WEAPONS! Craft amazing battle-winning weapons like a wooden sword, frying pan or stick thingy with a sponge on top! EPIC

[O] BetterLS 1.0.0-1

Requires iOS 7 Adds options and features to improve the experience and functionality of the lockscreen! Feature List --------------- Hide Album Art Hide Music Controls Reposition Music Controls Change Status Bar Style Change Slide To Unlock Text Style Improve Grabbers Hide Chevron Hide Grabbers Hide Camera Grabber (Keep Functionality) Show Time In Status Bar Hide Date & Time Clock Hide Slide To Unlock Text With 50+ Planned Features Currently In The Works! Configure options from Settings app. options to customize iOS 7 lockscreen Changelog: v1.0.0-1 - Initial Release Download:

[O] Color Keyboard for iOS 7 1.4.0-1

Compatible with iOS 7 Not compatible for iPad Also, Color Keyboard (iOS 4,5,6). Colorize keyboard on you iPhone (iOS 7) Now, you can change colors of key buttons or you can add background image on keyboard. [ Key Features ] * Change background color. * Insert background image. * Change foreground key color. * Change round rect radius of key After installation,  Settings > Color Keyboard > Select Theme > (Tap the Theme) > Save & Respring (Top Right) Read here to make your own theme [!]Important[!] Theme folder is changed: new folder is /Library/ColorKeyboard/Themes/ No new icons are added to your homescreen. You can configure options from your Settings app. Screenshots:   Colorized keyboard on your iPhone Changelog: v1.4.0-1 - Initial Release Download:

[O] Photo Organizer 7 2.0-7

In this version: - Restore orphaned photos to a separate album on import - Delete empty albums on import - Tap and hold the trash button in photo browser mode to delete the current photo/video permanently (gesture previously only available in the thumbnails view - Added support for importing thousands of photos at a time Download

[O]Safari Upload Enabler v1.4-3

Safari Upload Enabler, a tweak from H. Samara & N. Bassen that enables native file uploads in MobileSafari, has been updated with iOS 7 support. Ever wanted to upload a file on a webpage, maybe on some webmail page using Safari on your iPhone or iPad? It doesn't work because Apple disallowed file uploads from inside Safari. Safari Upload Enabler brings you this missing capability. It comes with a file and photo/video picker allowing you to upload files like on your desktop computer. No icon will be added to your homescreen, Safari Upload Enabler directly hooks into MobileSafari. Options can be configured from the Settings app.  What's New In This Version: - iOS 7 support (including ARM64) - new Dropbox API - Dropbox account link via Dropbox app - added Czech localization - added Croatian localizazio Download org.thebigboss.safariuploadenabler_1.4-3_iphoneos-arm.deb from - send big files the easy way

[O] AutoMuter 1.0.2-122

[O] AutoMuter 1.0.2-122 This tweak automatically mutes and also prevents you from accidentally unmuting your device, when there is an event in your calendar. If you have "iStudiez Pro" installed, it will also mute while you are in course or at exams. After the event the previous muting state is restored. In the settings app you can set: - a grace period which is added before and after an event/course/exam. - a muting methods from the settings app: * Mute Ringtone * Mute Ringtone and turn off vibration * Mute Ringtone, turn off vibration and enable "Do not Disturb" feature - the calendars to be ignored in the settings app. No new icon is added to your home screen. Configure options from Settings. Screenshots:   Automatically mute your iDevice while in Course/Meeting (Compatible with iStudiez Pro [AppStore App]) Changelog: v1.0.2-122 * FIXED: Canceled events in iStudiez were ignored * FIXED: Error in the background process could have caused big power drain on so

[O] Car Mode 4.0.2

[O] Car Mode 4.0.2 How many times have you gotten in your car and done these actions : 1)Turn Location on 2)Turn Bluetooth ON 3)Turn WIFI Off 4)Turn on your favorite Navigation program. Car Mode Come to your help. You can control the way Car Mode will work 1) SBSetting 2) Icon On you SpringBoard 3) Auto Detect Mode. How Auto Detect Mode works - Leave your Bluetooth ON and Car mode will do the rest, It will AutoDetect BlueTooth connection and will activate those actions for you. Now Car Mode Can play music, close the Navigation app for you run 2 application and enter your setting page first. You can Use Car Mode at your Home, Car and even when getting out to run. Car Mode will save you time ,and get you on the road faster, one care less. Configure options from the Settings Page Screenshots:   auto activate GPS, Bluetooth, Location, Nav App Changelog: v4.0.2 support for all ios Devices Download:

[C] Gesture Music Controls 1.8-3

[C] Gesture Music Controls 1.8-3 iPad and iTunes Radio now supported! Requires iOS 7 A gesture controlled music control replacement for iOS 7รข€™s default music controls. Changes the controls found on the Lock Screen, Control Centre, and in the default Music App. Features - Swipe left/right to switch songs (customizable in settings) - Two different animation types - Tap to toggle play/pause - Swipe up to bring up action menu ---- share current song ---- toggle repeat mode ---- toggle shuffle mode - 0.5s hold ---- middle of view will open now playing app ---- right side of view will skip 15s ---- left side of view will go back 15s (customizable in settings) - Custom sharing hashtag Configure options from Settings. Screenshots:   gestures in CC, Lockscreen & Music app Changelog: v1.8-3 - Actions can now be assigned to multiple gestures - Preferences won't be overwritten on upgrades or uninstall/reinstalls - Minor bug fixes Version Cracked! Download:

LockBuilder for iOS 7 [Cydget] v1.4 *Update*

LockBuilder for iOS 7 [Cydget] v1.4 *Update* Build your own lockscreen setup! Choose from many elements, Weather Items, Widgets, Icons, Fonts, Colors, Wallpapers, Animated Weather and more. Each Weather Item is moveable and rotatable! Cydget will remember where you last set items. I have included 8 Icons. These you can place anywhere on the lockscreen and will open certain apps. Note if you have a passcode set it will not open these apps. No file editing necessary.Please visit for more. Purchase from Cydia if you like it! Download:  LockBuilder Download Mirror:  LockBuilder