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[O] DimMe 1.1.0

Compatible with iOS 8 DimMe will gives you the following possibilities * Dim the Screen after a defined period from you  * Don´t dim on AC * No UNdim for Notifications * you can set a special present Time for Notifications, delay for dim, delay for Lock-Screen dim  * disable Autolock on Ac Configure options from Settings. In this version: - optimized the Settings - you can now enable unDim, for lock screen notifications for special Apps Click the button below org.thebigboss.dimme_v1.1.0_iphoneos-arm

[C] Pasithea 1.1.5-1

Compatible with all iOS devices running iOS 7 and 8 Pasithea is a tweak that lets you manage the iOS clipboard history. ———————————————— Developed by ichitaso & Hiraku ———————————————— Configure Pasithea's settings from the Settings app. Pasithea has two methods of usage. The first is Pasithea Keyboard. By default, Pasithea Keyboard replaces the Tibetan keyboard and automatically adds tself to the activated keyboards list. Pasithea Keyboard can be used to quickly insert past pasteboard history just by switching to it via the iOS "globe" button. Please note that if you need to use the Tibetan keyboard, you may choose to instead replace the Tamil keyboard - you may do this from Pasithea's settings. If you do not wish to Pasithea Keyboard at all, you may completely turn its functionality off in Pasithea's settings. The other method of usage is Pasithea's Flipswitch listener - suitable for use in either Control Center (via FlipControlCenter or similar tweak)

[O] SwipeExpander 1.0.5-1

Requires iOS 7 or later Supports iPhone and iPad and international keyboards. Insert any text, perform an action, or reveal a menu of actions by swiping up or down on any key on the keyboard. Customizable for almost every key. Keys can be configured to display as lowercase when using the lowercase keyboard and to show custom names above each character. Actions include select, cut, copy, paste, inserting the last saved photo, opening Control Center, defining a word, and many others. Compatible with other keyboard tweaks such as SwipeSelection (Pro), PredictiveKeyboard, DismissMyKeyboard and KeyShortcut. Configure options from Settings app.     In this version: Fixed popups on iOS 7 Fixed popup positions on iOS 8 (More iOS 8 fixes to come) Click the button below com.jerryen.swipeexpander_v1.0.5-1_iphoneos-arm

[O] SwitcherPaper 1.0.3-3

Compatible with iOS 8 AppSwitcher Background Replacement Choose a new image for the AppSwitcher Background. - Select existing image from Photo Library - Take a new Photo to use as background - Zoom and Scale your image as required - Add Blur effect to selected background - Add background tinting to selected image - Save edited image to Photo Library No Respring Required Configure From Settings This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 750x1334. This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 750x1334. In this version: - Improved main wallpaper binding method - Fixed an issue where sometimes wallpaper might appear black - Fixed an issue where zoomed wallpaper images might show a black border - Less memory usage - Better handling of combination of dynamic and static wallpapers in lockscreen/homescreen. Click the button below org.thebigboss.switcherpaper_v1.0.3-3_iphoneos-arm

[O] Fleeting 0.9-2

Requires iOS 7 Read any selected text on your iOS device, quickly, one word at a time. Fleeting lets you consume any textual content quickly without a dedicated reader, simply by selecting text and tapping "Fleeting" under the Action Menu. Configure ActionMenu from Settings Click the button below org.thebigboss.fleeting_v0.9-2_iphoneos-arm

[O] Knock 0.9-3

Requires iOS 7 Not compatible with iPad Knock adds two events to Activator for you to assign to actions – a hard tap or knock on... 1) The left or right side of your iPhone 2) The front of back of your iPhone This is achieved with the device's accelerometer. A lot of effort has been put into reducing CPU/battery as well as false positives, by ignoring knocks on the screen, ignoring knocks while the device is asleep, and trying to ignore knocks of the device against other things. Given the above, be warned: this works very, very well... but not perfectly. Perhaps don't assign a knock event to Power Off  Configure Activator from settings. No Screenshots for this item. Click the button below org.thebigboss.knock_v0.9-3_iphoneos-arm

[O] Flick Scroll 0.9-1

All devices, iOS 7 and 8 Flick Scroll is an implementation of the alternative scrolling concept  detailed here Flick in a scrollable area in iOS to scroll to automatically scroll to that point. Useful when scrolling through feeds/timelines, long web pages or articles, especially on iPad or larger iPhones. There is a setting to have this functionality only apply to scrolling flicked with *two* fingers. Click the button below org.thebigboss.flickscroll_v0.9-1_iphoneos-arm

[O] ChooseBoard 1.1.1-1

Compatible with iOS 7 and 8 Have lots of keyboards and switch only between a few! This tweaks allows you to do this and more! Quick Mode Select the keyboards you want to switch by pressing the globe icon, other keyboards can be selected by holding the globe as usually! Hidden Mode Hide the selected keyboards from the keyboard menu after holding the globe icon! Practical Mode Single tapping the globe icon makes the menu open the same way as holding it!  Change ChooseBoard's Mode Change Keyboard Auto Correction Switch Keyboard (Respecting the current mode) In version 1.1.1-1 Added an option to disable the Default Keyboard Option, just select "Disabled" in it's options. Click the button below net.douglassoares.chooseboard_v1.1.1-1_iphoneos-arm

[O] Feedback 1.1

Compatible with iOS 7 and 8 and practically all applications that play audio. Feedback enables remote-control style sound effects when controlling audio playback on iOS. Different sound effects are utilized for different commands, such as for moving to the previous track, toggling playback, skipping to the next track, fast forwarding and rewinding. As well as integrating with the Control Center and lock-screen, Feedback also integrates directly with Activator-driven track changing (whether the device is locked or unlocked) and essentially all third-party Cydia extensions, including but not limited to: Acapella, Auxo, Auxo LE, Convergance, MiniPlayer and Spin. Feedback also integrates with all remote control devices including standard headset controls and bluetooth controls. In addition to the above features, a number of options for customization are offered, as follows: - Integration with AirPlay; - Forcing feedback to only play when headphones are connected; - Haptic feedback in addi

[O] Color Convos 2.0.3-1

Color Convos is an awesome addition to the native Messages app. It allows you to quickly assign unique colors to the many conversations you may be in. Not only is this package beautiful, it also serves a very important purpose. That is, making it entirely clear who you are communicating with. This is extremely handy in many situations. (For example, when you are slightly inebriated and can no longer read so well. Although this package does not check your spelling, it will give you peace of mind knowing that your drunk texts are going to the person you intended and that person only.) I’m sure you can think of a few more uses than what I’ve just listed!  Get it today and enjoy!  Configure options from Settings. In this version: Change Log (2.0.3): - Fixed bug with settings where showed enabled, but really wasn't Click the button below org.thebigboss.colorconvos_v2.0.3-1_iphoneos-arm

[O] AppRunByActivator 0.0.1-9

Activator Action: Auto Enter Passcode and Run An App. Configure options from Settings. No screenshots for this item. Click the button below org.thebigboss.apprunbyactivator_v0.0.1-9_iphoneos-arm

[O] Arc 1.6

Hello my dear friends, Today I am proud to present my new theme: Arc. As I told you before this is what I like to do, and I like to think that I make a big difference between all those flat themes and mine, because each theme I make is very unique, detailed and the most complete, not to mention the large amount of addons that I do for each theme. Arc is compatible with i4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6 also this theme is ios7/ios8 compatible as well because I know that many people are on this package will install some badges, icono themes, loading screens, icons pack and ui pack so to you all those you will need the following tweaks:winterboard,zeppelin,classicbadges and iconomatic. I like to thank to all the ppl who participate on the beta version and help me make this theme more complete. Now if you have requests please read here the first post to know how to do  them . This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1000x2300.

[O] Arc i6 plus 1.6

This package contain the Arc iphone 6 plus version and this package will install: icono themes, UI, icons pack, loading screens zeppelin logos and badges. Now to get all this to work you will need the following tweaks: winterboard, zeppelin, classicbadges and iconomatic. I like to thank to all the ppl who participate on the beta version and help me make this theme more complete. Now if you have requests please read here the first post to know how to do  them . This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1000x2300. This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1000x2300. Recent Changes 1.6:  Fix icons, add a few more icons, fix dropbox ui and add tapatalk bottom bar ui. Click the button below com.macciti.arci6plus_v1.6_iphoneos-arm