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[O] AllBoxed 1.0

Requires OS 3.x or higher This tweak allows Box app to access any system file, so you can upload everything. -Perfectly integrated with Box App -Easy navigation inside folders -One tap on the file to upload it Compatible with iPhone and iPad. No options to configure. Screenshots: In this version: - Initial Release Download  (Original DEB file) AllBoxed 1.0

[P] InTube 1.5.2

InTube is new way to download videos directly from YouTube app. Thanks to the "InTube" button that will appear when you are watching a video on YouTube app, you can easily download it choosing between HD quality (720p) or SD quality (360p).  The download will start in the iTunes Store app and, at the end, the video will be automatically imported inside both "Video" and "Music" app.  - Download any video in HD or SD quality - View the download progress inside the iTunes Store app like you have just purchased something in the store. - Simultaneous downloads - You can close the app whenever you want and the download will continue inside the iTunes Store app - Download the video with the thumbnail and other YouTube infos - After the download import the video inside the "Music" app - After the download import the video inside the "Video" app -Background playback for YouTube app -You can block all video ads -You can watch HD video on 3G/4G -

[O] Ringer & Tones 1.04

Customizes ringing and vibration behaviour for apps (notifications), calls, text messages, MMSs, Emails and iMessages. on a contact/app basis. You decide for which contact or app your device should ring and/or vibrate as well as choose tones and create/assign new vibrations. Set notification tones and vibrations for every app individually. Includes an Activator-enabled Temporary Mute feature. Mute your iPhone for a defined period of time after which all tones will turned back on again. Never forget to re-enable the ringer after a meeting or going to the movies. Ringer & Tunes is very powerful and also extends Apple's 'Do Not Disturb' feature to individual contacts, messages and app-notifications. Compatibility  Ringer&T is for all iOS devices except the iPad. It is compatible with all popular SMS/text tweaks (BiteSMS, RealSMS, Messages+, SMS+) as well as CallBar and iBlacklist. It has also been tested with LockInfo and IntelliScreenX. Ringer & Tones is currentl

[O] ScreenShotClip 1.3

This is a tweak that allow you to clip a area on screen,It will appear a screenshot when you finish it.It will show a sheet when you long press it,It will keep on screen until you share or close it. Screenshots:   Screenshot only a portion of your screen Changelog: v1.3 Support iOS 7.1.x JB devices. Download:

[O] Applocker 2.2.6

Compatible with iOS6 and iOS7 on all devices! Including the iPhone 5s and other 64-bit devices. NEW: Now with Touch ID enabled locking! Unlock your apps with your fingerprint! Applocker is a feature rich locking solution to your device!  You can lock apps, folders, home screen layout and even more with Applocker  Lock apps directly from your home screen, just enter jiggle mode and tap the lock button.  Feature List: Touch ID compatible Session Locking Fully Localized with ten different languages! (full language list in recent changes of version 2.1) SBSettings Toggle Activator Toggle Disable when connected to your own WiFi Lock Folders Lock home screen layout Kick to lock screen if wrong password is entered Lock Applocker's settings panel Auto launch apps Use numeric keypad Since Applocker is a Mobile Substrate tweak it depends on it, when Mobile Substrate is disabled (due to safe mode or other various reasons) Applocker is disabled as well, this means that Applocker will keep you

[O] Badger 7 1.1-1

Compatible with iOS 7 Also try Badger (iOS 5 & 6) It's here. Sorry to keep you waiting. Badger is an iOS tweak which allows users to view and interact with their notifications directly from their homescreen. Using the activation method of their choice, users can bring up the Badger window, which shows unread notifications and allows users to delete them, open them, and interact with them (including Quick Reply and related features for messages). Badger 7 is designed to feel even more at home than the original Badger did, and, as such, has adopted the iOS 7 look and feel in a very eye-catching way. It's compatible with just about every tweak out there, and features a plugin system so that developers can supply it with their own data. It also has integration with some of the most popular tweaks, with support for others planned - you'll like what we've got coming up. This package also contains an Activator action, accessible from the home screen, for showing a consoli

[C] Slices 0.0.1

Compatible with all iOS 7 devices (iPads, iPods, iPhones). Have multiple Instagram or Snapchat accounts? Are you sharing a device with others? Don't want to overwrite your high scores on a game? If so, Slices is perfect for you. Slices allows you to create many different setting and data bundles for any user application. The process is as simple as tapping and naming a slice. These slices can easily be switched between, and all data is completely separate each slice. For example, if you don't want your high score on a game to be overwritten with someone else's score using your device, you can quickly create them a slice for that game and the scores will be specific to that slice. Another example is if you have many accounts on a social network. Usually, you would sign in and out to change accounts. With slices, you can reduce it to 2 taps to change to any one of your accounts (no login needed). Specific slices can also be easily renamed, deleted, and created in the Setting

[O] ShoutDown 1.1

Requires iOS 7.0.x This tweak, power management , you can shut down by your voice. Can adjust the volume of shout. also, can set up a loud voice from the very small voice. By shouting, the following actions can be performed. - Respring - Reboot - Lock - Power off This tweak turn on / off by Activator. Can be set from within the Settings app. Let's shouting! Screenshots:   Power management by your voice! Changelog: v1.1 Supported iOS7.1.1 Download:

[O] pushNotify 1.3

Requires iOS 7 Compatible with iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch Many of us spend a big part of our days in front of a computer. Wouldn’t it be nice if notifications from your iOS devices used some sort of ancient magic and appeared in your computer monitor? pushNotify is what you’ve been waiting for, it forwards all your notifications from iOS devices to your Mac. “Suppress” option will hide the notifications on your iOS device & only show them on your Mac. “Static title” option will replace the notification’s title with a custom set title. You can disable forwarding of notifications for certain apps specified from tweak’s configuration. This requires companion software that will run on your Mac OS 10.8+ to receive data from the device. Make sure you update to the latest version on your Mac! Currently, the latest version is 1.3.. (Optional) Install Flipswitch to make use of the toggle Screenshots: In this version: - Better compatibility with iOS 7.1.1. - Fixed a bug where half of the

[O] Stride 2 (iOS 7) 2.0.6-1

Compatible with iOS 7 Unlock your iOS device in style! Record custom gestures to secure your device and draw to unlock your device. Don’t limit yourself to simply a password or a 9-point-combination of dots, draw your passcode! Rebuilt from the ground up, Stride 2 is faster, smoother, more secure, and just all around more awesome! Note: Looks best when the LockScreen and HomeScreen share the same wallpaper! Screenshots: In this version: - Fixed iOS 7.0.6 support - Added iOS 7.1.1 support - Cleaner animations - Random cleanup Download  (Original DEB file) Stride 2 (iOS 7) 2.0.6-1

[C] AllDrop 1.3

Compatible with iPhone and iPad. This tweak allows Dropbox app to access any system file, so you can upload everything. Configure options from Settings. Screenshots:   upload any system file with Dropbox app Changelog: v1.3 -Compatibility with new dropbox app version. Version Cracked! Download:

[O] CameraTweak 2 (iOS 7) 1.1.0

Compatible with any iDevice running iOS 7 Available: CameraTweak (iOS 5 & 6) Add the needed enhancements to Apple's iOS camera app. The iPhone and iPad are great devices to capture your favorite moments, and although there are literally 1000’s of 3rd party camera applications out there, the fastest one is still your stock Camera app. This tweak is created to add the basic missing features to it and make the stock Camera app a serious contender. Have a look at the following enhancements: for the photo camera: 1) Separate Focus and Exposure views 2) Lapse Timer mode, let the camera automatically take photos on an interval (minimum: every 3 seconds, maximum: every 1 hours) 3) Timer mode 4) Resolution settings, min 144p, max 2448p (measured on the iPhone 5s) 5) White balance lock for the video camera: 1) Separate Focus and Exposure views 2) Frame rate settings (120fps on iPhone 5s, 60fps on iPhone 5) 3) Resolution settings, minimum 144p, maximum 1080p (measured on the iPhone 5s) 4

[O] BetterPowerDown 1.0.0-6

Bug Fixes Click the button below

[C] AltKeyboard 2 (iOS 7) 1.0.6

Compatible with iOS 7 iPad not currently supported. AltKeyboard 2 enhances your keyboard experience with a familiar yet revamped way of typing on iOS.  ———————————————— Conceptualized & Designed by Sentry Coded & Developed by James Long ———————————————— The Keyboard portion of AKB2 lets you quickly input non-alphabetic or capital characters from your keyboard, without having to switch back & forth between iOS keyboard modes. Simply flick up on a key to input its alternate numeric or special character (displayed near the top of each key), or flick down to input its capital form. Flick up on Auxiliary Alts (backspace, shift, return, etc) to perform other functions such as undo, define or deselect/dismiss auto-correct. You can also slide up on the space bar to access text editing like select, copy, cut, paste, etc—all straight from your keyboard with a single gesture! Lastly, the Cursor Seeker gives you the ability to productively navigate text forms via grabbers on the side

[O] Apex 2 (iOS 7) v1.0.7

v1.0.7 Fixes crashes when downloading an app on iOS 7.1 and higher. Click the button below

[O] CCQuick Pro 1.4

Requires iOS 7 Support iOS7, also ARM64 Device (like iPhone5s) StatusBar Gesture Swipe right to lock device in anywhere. Swipe left to goto Home Screen in Application, and to lock device in Home Screen. Double Tap to open Multitask. Hold to Screen Capture. Hide ControlCenter Sections You can hide unused section Customize ControlCenter BackgroundColor by RGB and alpha Multitask Customize CCQuick Pro Buttons. Add more CCQuick Buttons. Swipe up on the APP Icon when Portrait, and swipe right on the APP Icon when Landscape. Hold on to kill background. Animation and Gesture You can push the MainView up when ContorlCenter is transition. Also you can swipe up than original height and drag off to quit app or lock device and you can set the height which activate the gesture functions. Animation and Gesture!!!!!! ControlCenter Animation and Gesture, you can push the MainView up when ContorlCenter is show, and swipe up than original height and drag off to quit app or lock device. Also you can

CrackTool 0.0.1

Compatible with iOS 7 This is a app tool for crack tweaks on one click direct from device super fast. Screenshots:   Changelog: v0.0.1 - Initial Release Download:

[O] CCQuick Pro 1.4-1

In this version: compatible with iPhone5s compatible with iOS 7.1.1 Click the button below

[O] AllBoxed 1.0

Requires OS 3.x or higher This tweak allows Box app to access any system file, so you can upload everything. -Perfectly integrated with Box App -Easy navigation inside folders -One tap on the file to upload it Compatible with iPhone and iPad. No options to configure. Screenshots: In this version: - Initial Release Download  (Original DEB file) AllBoxed 1.0

[O] Appellancy 1.1-13

Requires OS 3.x or higher. Appellancy is a next-generation face recognition tweak for your iDevice that supports all iPhones, iPods, and iPads running iOS 7. It is nearly flawless in its recognition, and it integrates into the native look and feel of iOS 7 so well that you’ll wonder why it isn't a native feature. It currently supports all iPods, iPhones, and iPads running iOS 7. There is a simple API for other developers to integrate Appellancy into their projects, more details available  at Github , so Appellancy is not limited to the lockscreen, it is possible to integrate into many app locking tweaks. Because Appellancy uses the camera, it will have an effect on the battery life. However, Appellancy only uses the camera when it needs to, which minimizes the effect on the battery, so battery usage should be almost unnoticeable. Some people may ask, "Isn’t face recognition inherently insecure? Couldn’t someone hold up a picture of my face?" Yes, facial recognition is so

[O] Nightmode 1.2.2-1

Requires iOS 7 Not compatible with iPad System-wide night mode for iOS. With iOS 7's bright user interface, using your phone at night can be a hassle. Nightmode is the solution. Darken the user interface of applications and enjoy a greatly improved user experience. Features: * Replace application splashscreens. * Flipswitch toggle. * Activator listener. * Scheduling Nightmode's activation (through Activator). * Configurable options on a per application basis. * Fully customisable tint and table selection colours from the settings application. * Plays nice with biteSMS and the native messages application. A list common applications that Nightmode supports: * Twitter * Music * Reminders * Settings * Contacts * Photos * Calendar * Many more * Phone There's more to come! The next feature release will include options to further customise Nightmode! Screenshots: In this version: *Fixed Notes and Reminders on 7.1.1. Download  (Original DEB file) Nightmode 1.2.2-1

[O] LSWeather 1.0.9-1

Requires iOS 7+ LSWeather fetches weather information from native weather application and put it on lock screen replacing the original slide to unlock text. Features: Except showing temperature and condition currently instead of traditional slide to unlock text, users can decide whether to display the low and high temperature of the day and the city right under the slider. Users are also able to choose to show or hide unlock chevron or even replace it with a weather icon. If you are bored with the system font, LSWeather provides an option to set up the font attribute of the weather information text and city name text separately. LSWeather also let you can adjust the slider's position vertically so that the lock screen becomes more simple. To make the tweak display weather information on lock screen, at least one city should be added in native weather application or just enable location service for weather application. Screenshots: In this version: - Initial Release Download  (Orig

[C] CCQuick Pro v1.4 CrAcKeD By RegKiller

  [C] CCQuick Pro v1.4 CrAcKeD By RegKiller CrAcKeD Version !! No need KEY file.No need patch h t t p : // x x x. c o m etc... Free File Sharing and Storage made Simple.