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[O] 0Ground Icons iOS7 & iOS8 3.5

  [O] 0Ground Icons iOS7 & iOS8 3.5       And here it is 0Ground for iOS7. It toke me some time to update it because I remade all the icons again. Is compatible with i4, 4s, 5, 5c and 5s running on ios7. Contain: UI pack, more them 800 custom icons, LS widgets, iwidgets pack, BiteSms theme, CK, OpenNotifier icons, TouchBar theme, Iconomatic Shadow, ClassicBadge, LoadingScreens, FolderIcons, More to come. I like to thank to all my great friends who support me and to all the ppl who like my work. [COLOR="Magenta"]Recent Changes 3.4:  This update bring alot of icons fix. Click the button below com.macciti.0groundiconsios7_v3.5_iphoneos-arm

[O] ayeris 1.2.2

ayeris , pronounced Iris, like the ring-shaped membrane in your eye or the Greek god of the rainbow, is about communicating the excellence of timeless design to and for the world. When you use a theme, you want it to be here in the current time, but ayeris is beyond that! The colour palette chosen isn't just a coincidence, it’s used to test the power of design and time so no matter where or how you use it, you'll always feel in the time. The icons that shipped with iOS 7 only seem to be on the way there and need more refining and that’s what ayeris was set to do. Design isn’t always about drastic changes. It’s about making something good, even better and truly beautiful. By using Apple’s grid system, not only does each icon hold itself on its own, but it works alongside others in having a uniform look and feel. It makes it feel like there is a sense of purpose as to why things are the way they look and are positioned. “Why is the shape of that circle in the Safari icon that

[O] Pleiades + 2.1

leiades is a luxury theme made for people who appreciate the beauty in them and around them. Environment, scenario, art, designs, anything that comes to the mind of a person ready for the next trend. Pleiades was made for this exact reason. Everyone wants to look good, why can't your iPhone? Pleiades is a theme that is run by the community for the community. Meaning apps can be requested for a touch of for perfection and luxury. It gives out the creative ideas inside our minds that lay trap inside the body not able to be released for others to be amazed by or love. Pleiades will remain being worked on and crafted until it is 100% perfection to the minds and souls of fellow wonderers. Supporters can request icons for it to be crafted into the soul of Pleiades with is cold luscious beauty that it is. Everyone deserves beauty, why not your iPhone? Pleiades+ Features: Iconomatic Overlay (Must Install Iconomatic if want) UI Sounds UI Boot Up UI Kit Icons This image has been resized.

[O] Effetto 1.3

  [O] Effetto 1.3 This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1242x2208. Effetto is a new theme for your iPhone that will make your springboard beautiful but at the same time very simple and clear. Introduces 100 new icons inspired by iOS 8 but much improved, the color palette is wonderful and you'll immediately notice the incredible attention to details which required 4 months of hard work. In Effettoo you can also find 6 great new wallpapers, 2 two of which inspired by WWDC 2015. Effetto gives your iPhone a new style, so beautiful that you will never want to go back to the stock iOS icons. Many icons and other improvements will be added in future versions that will be released very frequently. Effetto is compatible with all iPhone and iPod running iOS 7+ The iPad version will be released soon. REQUIRES ICONBUNDLES TO WORK This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original im

[O] Apex 2 (iOS 7 & 8) 1.0.15

Apex 2 brings you a fun new way to organize & access your related apps! ———————————————— Conceptualized & Designed by Sentry Coded & Developed by Aditya KD ———————————————— Intuitive and easy to use, Apex helps save home screen space and rid you of excess folder clutter by tucking away those related apps you want discrete but instant access to. Simply swipe on any app icon to beautifully fan-out its slots. Here you can select the sub-apps you want to add, with the help of a handy search bar as well as a dedicated ‘related apps’ section. Voila! Those apps will now be unobtrusively peeking out from behind your central, apex app. For example, you can place multiple camera or photo editing apps behind your main camera app of choice. Configure options from Settings. Works on all iOS 7 devices, including iPad. HomeScreen Designer not supported, but works with some configurations   In this version: v1.0.10 - Fix positioning for docked sub-apps - Fix lag when icon unscatter animat

[O] Sleipnizer for Safari 5.0.2-1

Compatible with iOS 7 and 8. Boost Safari experience! Features: - OpenTabBG+(open new tab in background without actionsheet) - Interactive FindOnPage - FingerGestures - Pull-To Gestures - TapGestures - Action via Activity Actions: - Quick move/close/create tab - Interactive FindOnPage - Reload/Back/Forward navigation - Scroll to top/bottom - Show bookmark/activity - Focus URL bar - Toggle private/reader mode - Add to reading list - Run Javascript code Planned: - FullScreen Additionally contain SBSettings and Flipswitch toggle for OpenTabBG+ setting.      In this version: New - Support iOS 8. - InfiniteRestoreTab for iPhone. - RequestDesktopSite action. Mod - Activity icon size adjustment. Fix - Scroll action offset. Click the button below jp.r-plus.sleipnizer_v5.0.2-1_iphoneos-arm

[O] QuickShoot Pro iOS 8 1.3-1

Requires iOS 8 Also available,  QuickShoot Pro iOS 7 Praise for QuickShoot Pro QuickShoot Pro certainly lives up to its “pro” moniker. It features tons of options, great animations, and best of all, it serves its purpose well - Jeff Benjamin, iDownloadBlog This update is free for all existing QuickShoot Pro Owners QuickShoot Pro will ensure you never miss out on a photo opportunity just because you were waiting for a camera app to launch. It enables you to capture photos and  videos  directly from the home screen.  You can also configure Activator shortcuts for them, for ultimate speed. QuickShoot Pro is very customizable -- there is a setting for nearly everything you can think of. To make things better, there is also a handy options window that can be configured to appear via an Activator shortcut, which allows you to toggle HDR, change the camera, and customize the flash setting without ever entering the Settings app. QuickShoot Pro completely supports all devices running iOS 7 inc

[O] FolderEnhancer (iOS 7/8) 2.5.0

Supports iOS 7.0 - 8.1 Bigger, Better Folders Apple took some of the best parts of the classic FolderEnhancer tweak and integrated them into iOS 7. But there's always room for enhancement. Features (All Optional) •Nested Folders (without the bugs). •Bigger folders, more rows/columns. ◦Can set number of rows/columns independently. ◦3x4, 3x5, 4x4, 4x5, etc. ◦(Max value depends on device.) ◦Can set corner radius of folder view. •Custom folder preview layout. ◦Can set number of rows/columns independently. ◦1x1, 2x1, 2x2, 4x4, etc. ◦Can set size and spacing of icons in preview. ◦Can set corner radius of folder icon. •Disable open/close animations. •Disable wallpaper zooming. •Close folders when launching apps. •Close all folders by tapping Home. Compatible With: MultiIconMover+ Iconoclasm Barrel Infinifolders Version FIX: Landscape Apps Previous fix, targetted for iPhone 6(+) devices, inadvertently introduced similar issue on other devices. iOS7 Video (Couldn't Find Screens

[O] VirtualHome 8 (iOS 8) 1.4-1

Requires iOS 8 and TouchID Also available, Virtual Home (iOS 7) Use TouchID sensor as home button. "Give you home button a break." Support the following actions: - Single tap - Double tap - Short hold - Single tap and short hold You can use those actions to do the following functions: - Sleep, Multitask, open Siri and activate Reachability Virtual Home also comes with a feature called "QuickUnlock". "QuickUnlock" allows you to unlock or wake up device by touching the TouchID when the phone is in standby mode. It will consume more battery but Virtual Home comes with options to turn it off automatically after a period of inactivity. Virtual Home will also unlock your device even if your device is not passcode locked - you can unlock your device by holding the TouchID instead of sliding to unlock. You can also disable Virtual Home inside any particular app. It has been tested to work with BioLockdown, iTouchSecure and other TouchID related tweaks. Requires i

[O] MultiIconMover+ 2.6.0

Supports iOS 4.2.1 - 8.1 (All devices) Icon Moving Made Easy! Moving icons one at a time is a pain. With MultiIconMover+, you can move multiple icons at once, making rearranging icons a simple - perhaps even fun - task. How It Works When editing icons: 1.Tap the icons you want to move. 2.Switch to the page or folder you want to move them to. 3.Press the Home button. ... and the icons are moved. Features Current: •Move multiple icons between pages. •Move multiple icons in and out of folders. •Move multiple folders. •Mark selected icons with numbers instead of checks (to show order in which they will be moved). Planned: •Insert icons at the top of a page. •Put icons on the next free page if current is fu ll. Considering: •Uninstall multiple apps at once. •Animate moved icons sequentially. •(and more...) Version 2.5.1 FIX: Double Tap to Move Fixed issue that prevented tweaks "SmartTap" and "Tage" from working properly. Download: Click the button below jp.ashikase.mult

[O] Popular 1.1

Compatible with iOS 8 Popular quietly keeps track of the applications that you use the most (sorted by time spent in them) and displays them at the top of the App Switcher, replacing iOS 8’s “Recent Contacts” feature. Tweak features include a blacklist to hide applications and statistics about your most used applications, both of which can be found in the settings. You can also hide section & icon labels. Popular also includes a “Favorites” section that allows you to select up to 4 of your favorite applications, which will be displayed at the top of the App Switcher. Think of it as a “Quick App Launcher”!     Click the button below ca.cykey.popular_v1.1_iphoneos-arm

[O] Revelation 1.3-2

Compatible with iOS 5, 6, 7 and 8 Revelation unmasks hidden passwords in standard native and HTML password fields. It can reveal lost or forgotten passwords, and can also show passwords as you type them. Revelation can only recover passwords when the field contains the real password behind-the-scenes. Luckily, this is how most password fields are developed. No new icons are added to your home screen - you can find Revelation on the main page of the Settings app. Some examples that are known to work: - Safari saved passwords - Chrome saved passwords - Mail accounts - VPN accounts - iSSH accounts Examples that are known to NOT work: - iCloud accounts - iOS Twitter accounts - iOS Facebook accounts - Yahoo accounts No new icons are added to your home screen - you can find Revelation on the main page of the Settings app, or in FlipSwitch/Activator.    In this version: 1.3: - iOS 8 support - FlipSwitch/Activator support (optional) - Mask/unmask passwords on-the-fly when toggled DOWNLOAD [/Q