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[K] ProTube HD 1.6

Compatible with iOS 4.3 and higher
This purchase includes ProTube. You won't need to pay extra for the iPhone version!
"...saying no to an app like this is like refusing to buy a Lamborghini for a buck and a half."
Anthony Bouchard, ModMyi Staff Writer
"ProTube is the best YouTube app ever for iDevices" - @At3eS on twitter
ProTube HD is the most complete YouTube application available for iPad, packing every possible feature in one super intuitive application. Video download, HD streaming, audio download, & lots more, ProTube has it all! You can even watch blocked videos!! There are the key features of the ProTube app:
* Do all the normal YouTube activities (view videos, comment, rate...)
* Completely control your account (view 'My Videos', Favorites, Inbox..)
* HD and SD video downloads (up to 1080p)
* Download just the audio of a video in high quality
* Super fast loading thanks to the Nitro Javascript engine.
* Watch blocked videos!
* Watch videos in ANY quality between 240p and 1080p.
* Completely manage saved videos (delete, rename, add to camera roll, send by email…)
* Saved videos are displayed in a beautiful interface showing size, date, length and a thumbnail
* Simultaneous downloads supported, each showing speed, progress, remaining time, total download size and downloaded bytes
* ALL ads are blocked
* Watch videos as they download
* AirPlay support
* 12 Languages!
* Much more!
See larger Screenshots below

* Fixed crashes amd error messages when trying to download or stream a video
* Major stability improvements & bug fixes
* New option to convert downloaded videos to audio
* Improved autofill for login fields
* New settings panel for disabling autoplay, changing the audio download quality and changing the front page
* Improved background downloading
* Improved sharing for iOS 6
* Updated Terms of Service
* Updated app & developer info

[NOTE] You must be connected via WiFi or 3G while installing this, for your license to be downloaded.

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