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[K] ActionSlider 1.4-1

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Requires iOS 5.0 or higher
Use slide action to close current running application, kill all background applications, open switcher, activate Siri bar, capture screen and more! You can set at most 4 actions into the NotificationCenter.
ActionSlider can be configured from the Settings app. Please check the About page in the Settings for detailed information.
Current supported actions:
- Close App
- Quit App
- Kill Background
- Kill Background All
- Show Switcher
- Show Switcher in Editing Mode
- Show Now Playing Bar
- Activate Siri or Voice Control
- Capture Screen
- Toggle Play & Pause
- Clear Notifications
- Power Tools (Respring, reboot etc.)
- Launch Application
Support English, German, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.
仅支持 iOS 5.0 及更高版本的系统。
在通知中心使用滑动手势来关闭当前运行的应用程序,一次性退出全部后台程序,开启多任务栏,激活 Siri,截取当前屏幕内容等。您可以设置至多 4 个动作。本插件需于“设置”->“通知”中开启方可使用。
可于设置中配置 ActionSlider。请查看设置中的关于页面以了解使用详情。
- 关闭当前程序
- 退出当前程序
- 退出后台程序
- 退出全部程序
- 开启多任务栏
- 开启多任务栏编辑模式
- 开启现在播放栏
- 激活 Siri 或语音控制
- 截取当前屏幕
- 播放或暂停音乐
- 清理全部通知
- 电源工具(Respring,重启设备等)
- 启动应用程序
演示视频 (优酷)
NotificationCenter addons can be enabled from the Settings app, in the Notifications panel
See larger Screenshots below

* Load and unload speed improved.
* Several bugs fixed.

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